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Returning boomerangs, Nemunas Pakalnis,

I am Nemunas Pakalnis, maker of returning boomerangs and I’m from Vilnius in the Lithuania (Europe).

I have learned how to make real wooden boomerangs from my father (Dr. Saulius Pakalnis) who has been perfecting the craft of boomerangs for more than 20 years. I remember when I was a kid how much fun it was to test new father’s boomerangs in parks and open fields. For me it was always surprising how a wooden stick without modern technologies can fly, make a big circle in the air and then accurately come back to me.

5 years ago I started making my own returning boomerangs. I remember the first time when I made a boomerang which actually returned, that moment remains to me as one of the most memorable and satisfying in my life. Since that date I have now made more than 1800 boomerangs.

Manufacturing a high quality wooden boomerang is an intensive task which requires a lot of time and precision. Only the perfect balance between weight, aerodynamic airflow and rotational speed of the boomerang can guarantee that it accurately comes back to the thrower.

Two years after the successful launch of my web shop I started to receive great interest from the international customers. Clients from all over the globe provided me enthusiasm to paint the boomerangs with unique and individual art. Now paintings are mostly made by professional artists who are my close friends.

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