Learn how to throw a boomerang. PDF and Video boomerang throwing Instructions

Boomerang throwing instructions for RIGHT hand thrower:

Boomerang throwing instructions for LEFT hand thrower:


How to hold a boomerang:

Your boomerang has a flat and rounded side. Take your boomerang in a loose grip (like a pen). The rounded side must face you.


How to throw boomerang. Direction:

You must throw the boomerang at 45o to the right of the wind.


Throwing angle of boomerang:

Hold the boomerang at shoulder height: it must leave your hand in this position, slightly tilted (10o to 20o) towards the right.



Aim at a point directly in front of you, the trunk of tree for example. Give the boomerang a slightly raised trajectory at the beginning.

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Boomerang throwing:

Throw the boomerang loosely, opening your arm as for a whip lash. Just before letting go, give a sharp jerk with the wrist to spin it.

Boomerang Safety Tips

1. Find a large and open area. You will need to find a large, open and empty space where you can safely throw your boomerang without losing it or accidentally hitting other people. In general, you will want an area where you have at least 35 meters (115 feet) of space on all sides. Football fields, soccer pitches, open park spaces and empty beach are all good options. Make sure there are not too many trees or bushes for your boomerang to get caught in.

2. Watch out for weather conditions. Wind is one of the most important factors in the proper return of a boomerang. Ideally, you want a nice calm day, with winds between 0 to 4 m/s . Avoid throwing your boomerang in anything above a medium wind, as it will distort the path of the boomerang and throw it off course.

3. Throw the boomerang at the appropriate elevation. One of the biggest mistake is to aim the boomerang too high, sending it flying into the sky. However, our boomerangs only need to be thrown at around eye-level, with an elevation about 10 degrees above the ground. A good trick is to pick a point slightly above the horizon,  such as some far-away tree top, and aim directly for it.