• Custom Boomerang personalized engraving wooden commercial gift 1
  • Example. Personalized yellow boomerang. Text and illustration are dark engraved (burned).

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  • One line of text can be engraved on the other side of the boomerang.

    Personalized boomerangs customiszed text printed engraved on the back side of boomerang
  • Personalization example. Engraved and white colored text.

    Personalized boomerang commercial gift 3
  • Personalized red boomerang.Text and logo are laser engraved and white colored.

    boomerang company logo engraved printed as promotional gift
  • Personalization example. Text and logo are engraved.

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  • Personalization example. Logo is engraved and colored.

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  • Personalized light-brown boomerang.

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  • Personalized black boomerang.

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  • Personalized brown+red boomerang. Text and illustration are laser engraved.

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  • corporate personalised boomerangs
  • Personalized dark brown boomerang.

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  • Personalized orange boomerang. Text and illustration are dark engraved (burned).

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  • Illustration is laser engraved and colored.

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  • All boomerangs are handcrafted of the highest-quality aircraft-grade Baltic birch plywood. Also, all of them are flight-tested, so we can guarantee that our boomerangs will return.

    A boomerang of any color can be personalized with laser-engraved text, a logo, an illustration or any other inscriptions. It could be a great gift for various occasions.

    1.Pick a color for your boomerang. There are 8 colors available:

    AND/OR upload your logo, illustration or picture (available formats: .jpg, .png, .gif or .pdf). If your file is in another format, please send it to:

    *Before the production process, we will contact you by email and send you a few digital proofs.