This Is The Best Time To Get Outside And Play With A Boomerang


Are you looking for a new hobby or activity while you deal with the impact of COVID-19? The coronavirus outbreak has led to a few important suggestions on how we can stay mentally and physically healthy. After all, we may have to adapt to this lifestyle for a while longer. Some recommendations are to:

– take advantage of the great outdoors in a safe manner

– practice social distancing

– learn a new skill

That is why now is the perfect time to get outside and play with a boomerang. Boomerangs probably weren’t on your top 10 list of things to do. However, they really are perfect for this situation.

Fun outdoor activity alone boomerang

Boomerangs are made for the great outdoors

Nature is going to be a big help to a lot of people during this crisis. If we can take some time to stop and breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the scenery, we might reduce our stress levels. Boomerangs offer more than just a fun outdoor activity. Flying a boomerang in the park or on the beach can provide both a meditative and cathartic outlet during this time. You get to switch off from the world as you watch your wooden boomerang glide through the air and come back to you. You can enjoy the calming effect of this repetitive process. Or, you can take out a bit of your frustration as you launch it.

Boomerangs are perfect for social distancing

Due to social distancing, it is important to find activities that we can do by ourselves when we get out of the house. Boomerangs are perfect for this situation because they are designed to be used alone. You’re not throwing it to anyone like you would a Frisbee. You might even scare some potentially contagious people away at first before you get the hang of things. It is also good for extreme social distancing. The general guidelines are to keep minimum of a few feet away from other people. To fly a boomerangs, you need to stay 100 feet away for safety.

What to play outside alone boomerangs

Boomerangs offer a new skill you probably hadn’t considered

There are lots of people making pledges to learn something new or get back into an old hobby during this time. Self-isolation means that many will have to stick to indoor pursuits. But, this isn’t the case if you are healthy and only practicing social distancing. There is a lot of skill involved in flying a boomerang, and once you get the hang of it, you will be hooked. If you are unsure how to get started or need some tips on your technique, you can check out our boomerang throwing instructions at

If you are interested in learning to fly a boomerang but need to buy a boomerang first, you can check out some handmade boomerangs online at Once you get outside, away from all the news and anxiety, you will be hooked on this fun outdoor activity. You will have a new skill to impress your friends with once this is all over and you can finally get together.