Giving these handcrafted gifts to your customers, employees or business partners is very important for representation of your brand. We believe promotional wooden boomerangs will keep your employees feeling appreciated and your clients coming back.

white box, dimensions, boomerang golden sun

We offer these personalization options:

1. Engraving on wooden boomerangs

We can engrave any text, logo or illustration on the boomerangs. You can request light engraving, dark engraving (burned) or engraving and coloring with dyes. Please click on the pictures below.

2. Engraving on the wooden stand

Boomerangs placed on a wooden stand can serve as beautiful interior decor at your home or office. We are able to engrave a few words (6 words max) on it too.

Engraved text on the wooden stand. boomerang holder
black company logo is engraved on wooden stand for boomerang

3. Individualized gift boxes

Each boomerang is placed in a cardboard gift box, which can be brown or white. Also, for an additional fee, any text or logo can be printed on it.

Before personalizing the boomerangs, wooden stands or boxes, we ALWAYS prepare a few mockups for free! Please email us at info@woodenboomerangs.com for more details or place your request here: https://woodenboomerangs.com/product/customizable-boomerangs/